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We are pleased to provide below links to web sites and publications that we have recently found of interest.

Please note that this information is given for your interest only, and the content of these links may change or be modified without our knowledge.  We cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information contained and the views expressed may not always agree with the opinion or experience of Biolab.

Links to medical, nutritional and environmental medical journals - A database of clinical pathology tests, searchable by tests or conditions & diseases. - An American web site (said to be the most viewed 'natural health' site on the web), with many articles on alternatives to pharmaceutical approaches and lots of useful complementary medical hints and tips. - Another American web site offering extensive medical search facilities (MEDLINE, conference proceedings, Drug Reference database etc), and which can be tailored to your particular interests, with customisable E-mail news alerts. - The official National Library of Medicine MEDLINE search engine.

Natural News

BBC Health - A useful guide to UK health stories (and the Science and Nature section includes many fascinating articles about the world around us).

Cochrane Collaboration - The Cochrane database of systematic reviews

Food Standards Agency - National Diet and Nutrition Surveys, plus other useful information about the British diet and government recommendations.

Interesting articles - to be developed further over the coming months

  • Violent Crime, Hyperactivity and Metal Imbalance, a review of Neil Ward's work by Nicholas Kollerstrom (published in The Nutrition Practitioner, October 2006)