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The following links provide detailed information on the full range of Biolab investigations.  The latest test prices are available on request.

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Important notes for samples to be posted to Biolab Medical Unit

1. If you have access to a centrifuge, serum samples should be separated before posting.

Every attempt should be made to ensure that all unseparated blood samples reach the laboratory within 24 hours - because the laboratory is closed at the weekends blood samples should not be posted on a Friday.

2. Whole blood samples that are transported in the luggage hold of aircraft for flights of more than 30 minutes often freeze and consequently the sample is haemolysed upon receipt.

3. Please include payment in pounds Sterling with all test requests or include Visa or Mastercard credit card details - card holder’s name & address, card number and expiry date (a receipt will be posted to you with the laboratory reports).

For further details please contact the laboratory at: