Biolab is a medical laboratory specialising in nutritional and environmental medicine. We measure mineral and vitamin levels, toxic metals, other biochemical levels that are related to the availability of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and we also have an extensive range of profiles for assessing the effects of Twenty First Century lifestyles on our bodies. The laboratory is staffed by a highly qualified team and participates in a number of quality control schemes. Many of our tests require expensive high-tech instrumentation and are not normally available at other pathology laboratories. Routine pathology investigations are referred to other laboratories.

Biolab is actively involved in researching the effects of nutrition and the environment on health and disease. We have our own library of research material and have published many papers in medical and scientific journals, see:

Publications List

We are a doctor/practitioner referral unit and will only perform tests requested by medically qualified doctors and registered health care practitioners.

All test reports will be sent to your practitioner with copies to your GP.

We cannot enter into direct discussions with you about your results, although we will be happy to discuss our findings with the referring doctor/practitioner. Our senior laboratory staff comment on all reports with abnormal or unusual test results.

If you feel that Biolab tests would be of benefit to you please discuss this with your doctor/practitioner who can contact us to discuss the most appropriate tests, or for interpretation of test results.

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