Blood Tubes and Test Kits

We can provide blood collection bottles to those doctors requiring them for Biolab tests.

Some of the Biolab tests require special kits which include precise instructions, a loading dose (where necessary), sample collection tubes with postal carriers and a suitable envelope (Jiffy Bag) for returning the sample to Biolab.

Specially prepared test kits are also available on request for the following tests:

Breath Hydrogen & Methane tests for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
Urine Kryptopyrroles
Challenge tests (in some cases the patient must attend the laboratory).

These kits are available in multiple packs for doctors and laboratories, and individually for patients who have a request from their doctor.  A list of phlebotomists around the UK who can collect blood samples for our tests can be found here  - click here for further details.

A comprehensive list of Biolab tests that can be performed on postal samples can be found at Postal samples.

If you have any questions regarding sample requirements or test kits please refer to our test specifications or e-mail us at

You may submit a request for test kits by filling out the form here.