Patient’s Overview

Biolab, founded in 1984, is a medical laboratory specialising in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and measuring levels of micronutrients and toxins to determine the effects of Twenty-First century lifestyles on health and wellbeing.  We also provide a wide range of tests to assess other aspects of gut function and human metabolism.

The laboratory is staffed by a highly qualified team and participates in a number of external quality assurance schemes for our specialist investigations. We offer routine pathology investigations and allergy tests via a carefully selected panel of specialist referral laboratories, so that patients can have all necessary tests at the same time.

Biolab has a dedication to analytical excellence combined with an intrinsic awareness of the importance of holding the best interest of the patients’ well-being as the most important consideration at all times.

If you think that our tests would be of benefit, please discuss this with your doctor/practitioner who is welcome to contact us for further information.

Kits for our tests can be ordered on this web site and are supplied with full instructions.  Most samples can be returned by First Class post, and we kindly ask that payment is arranged when you submit samples for testing.

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Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

If the body does not have the appropriate amounts of the basic building blocks (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids etc.) necessary for optimum function, that body will not be as healthy as it could be…

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Recommended Clinicians

We can highly recommend the doctors and nutritional therapists listed here. These clinicians are very familiar with our work here at Biolab and have considerable experience in the field of nutritional and environmental medicine…