Sweat lead levels in persons with high blood lead levels: lead in sweat of lead workers in the tropics.

Omokhodion FO, Howard JM Sci. Tot. Env. 1991; 103:123-128 Samples of blood, sweat and urine were collected from eight control subjects and 19 lead workers in a battery manufacturing factory in the tropics. Sweat samples were collected while workers cycled on a bicycle ergometer at room temperature (27-31°C). All samples were analysed by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Workers with blood lead levels of 13-36μg/dl had sweat levels of 72-256μg/l and urinary levels of 28-288μg/g creatinine, while controls had levels of 9-12.2μg/dl, 9-30μg/l and 9-19.6μg/g creatinine, respectively. Estimations of sweat lead in lead workers can be masked by skin contamination.