Fungal-type Dysbiosis of the Gut: The occurence of fungal diseases and the response to challenge with yeasty and mould containing foods

Eaton KK, Howard M. J.Nutr & Env Med. 1998; 8: 247-255 Patients with fungal-type dysbiosis of the gut whose symptoms had cleared were asked to fill up questionnaires concerning current and previous fungal diseases and the effects of re-introducing certain foods into the diet. In 84% symptoms had cleared on diet alone, the remaining 16 required anti-fungal therapy in addition to dietary intervention. When yeast extract, leavened bread, alcoholic drinks and mould-containing cheeses were serially re-introduced into the diet, over half the patients reported recurrence of symptoms with each of the foods, but the pattern varied with different patients, few reacting to all they tested. Many had, or had had, fungal diseases but no adequate published surveys of the prevalence of current or past fungal diseases were identified for comparison after a careful literature search. The implications of these findings are discussed.