Quality Assurance

Biolab assists doctors with the detection of nutritional imbalances in their patients by the use of the latest validated scientific methodologies and reporting systems to ensure optimal care.

Quality assurance is essential in clinical laboratories for the provision of precise and accurate analytical results for reporting to the doctor.

Quality assurance encompasses a range of measures to ensure the reliability of investigations.

These include test selection, obtaining a satisfactory sample, analyzing it correctly and recording the result promptly, as well as the appropriate interpretation of the results. Biolab procedures are well documented and the results are carefully recorded so that they can be referred to for many years in the future.

Biolab laboratory tests are internally quality controlled to keep a check on day-to-day analytical variations. Biolab also participates in a range of CPA (UK)-accredited quality assurance schemes for trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants operating under the UK NEQAS code of practice. We also participate in a scheme run from the Centre for Disease Control in the USA.

Biolab laboratory staff regularly attend a range of continuing professional development seminars to ensure satisfactory knowledge and competence of all analytical procedures.

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Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

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Recommended Clinicians

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