There are c.200 mammalian enzymes that require zinc as a co-factor and hence its deficiency has a multiplicity of effects in humans.

Sample Requirements:

Navy Blue (EDTA) x 4 (Fasting, 1, 2 & 3hr) Take a fasting blood sample. Blue top (trace- element free). Give 220mg of Zn So4. 7 H2O in 75 ml of water (equivalent to 50 mg of zinc). Dilution of the zinc is required so that it does not act as an irritant to the stomach. Take further samples at 0, 120 and 180 minutes and measure the plasma zinc concentration in all samples. The plasma zinc in the 60 or 120 minute sample should be approximately 3 x the fasting zinc value; if not, this is evidence of zinc malabsorption.

Postal Samples: