Superoxide is produced by neutrophils (white blood cells) to combat bacteria and viruses. Superoxide dismutase is then produced by the red blood cells to halt this action before there is excessive damage to body tissues. If there is a deficiency of superoxide dismutase then an auto immune situation occurs where damage to local tissues occurs (i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, damage to the seat of the heart valves and others) There are zinc & copper and manganese dependent enzymes that produce superoxide dismutase, so this test is also sometimes used as a functional test of copper status.

Clinical Indications:

Auto immune disease and suspected copper deficiency.

Included in Profiles:

Health Risk Profile and antioxidant screen


Sample Requirements:

Green (lithium heparin).

Postal Samples:


See test instruction sheet produced by John in January 2001 for full test instructions.