''Kryptopyrrole'' is a name given to a pyrrole-zinc-vitamin B6 complex that may be excreted in the urine of affected individuals [1]. Kryptopyrroluria, which may be associated with abdominal pain or a haemolytic crisis, can result in zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency and also schizophrenia. The condition has similarities to acute intermittent porphyria in that coproporphyrins are also excreted. In the scientific literature kryptopyrroles are also referred to as the ''Mauve Factor'' and "pyroluria" [2].

Patient Instructions:

Add a small quantity of vitamin C (about 1/4 teaspoon is sufficient) to the urine as a preservative (to prevent it oxidising).

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Sample Report:

Sample Requirements:

Mid-strea, random urine sample (test kit available from Biolab with ascorbic acid preservative). Protect sample from light.

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