People in today’s society tend to lead frenetic, unbalanced lifestyles. Commonly, individuals experience continuous stress, not only from emotional stressors (e.g. marital, financial, and occupational) but also from physical stressors (e.g. sleep deprivation, caffeine consumption, pain, extreme exercise) without adequate recovery. Chronic exposure to these stressors often causes elevations in adrenal hormone levels, leading to disorders ranging from anxiety to infertility. While many individuals are able to cope, the adrenal glands may, over time, start to have an impaired response to stressors, which reduces adrenal hormone output. The resulting adrenal insufficiency, also known as adrenal burnout or adrenal fatigue, may present with a constellation of symptoms from chronic fatigue to allergies.Samples are referred to the Labrix in the USA for analysis.

Patient Instructions:

4 saliva samples are collected over an 18 hour period.Samples stable for up to 5 days in the post.This test is only suitable for adults (18 years and above).

Sample Collection Instructions:

Sample Report:

Sample Requirements:

4 x saliva samples

Postal Samples: