Turnaround Times & Notifications

The following list details typical turnaround times for tests from receipt of the

samples at Biolab. 

We cannot guarantee these times for any tests, as Public Holidays,

instrument servicing and quality checks, staff sickness etc can sometimes

impact turnaround times, but where there is a known current delay this

will be indicated below.

All completed reports are returned to the designated healthcare practitioner

when the tests were requested.



Typical turnaround times:


Biolab tests:

Allergy Screens (IgE) 5-7 working days  
B Vitamin (enzyme activation tests)

 3-4 working days

B12 and folate 3 working days  
Breath tests for SIBO, lactose & fructose intolerance 7-10 working days (currently up to 7 working days 13/3/20)  
Enzymes (Glutathione, superoxide dismutase etc) 3 working days  
Fatty Acids Profile

7-10 working days

Gut Permeability Profile 7-10 working days  
Hair Trace and Toxic Elements 10 working days  
Health Risk Profile  7-10 working days  
Homocysteine 5-7 working days  

5 working days

Iodine (urine) 5 working days  
Minerals with Red Cell Magnesium 5 working days  
Osteoporosis Profile 10 working days  
Toxic Elements (blood, urine or tap water)  7-10 working days  
Vitamins - fat soluble (A, carotenes & E) 7 working days  
Vitamin D 7 working days  

External laboratory referrals:

Adrenal Stress  - Saliva 15 working days  
Coeliac/Gluten Sensitivity Profile 5 working days  
Food Sensitivity Profiles (IgG) 2-3 weeks  
Hormones (serum) 3 working days  
Hormones (urine, dried urine and blood spots) 2-3 weeks  
MELISA metal sensitivity tests 10-15 working days  
Methylation Profile 10-14 working days  
Mycotoxins Profile 15 working days  
Organic Acids (microbial and full screen) 15 working days  
Peptides (gluten & casein) 15 working days  
Phospholipase A2 (PLA2) - urine  15 working days  
Porphyrins Profile 15 working days  
Stool Analyses 12 -14 working days  
Thyroid Profiles (serum) 3 working days  
Toxic Organic Chemicals Screen (urine) 10-15 working days