Profiles and Screens Tests

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ADHD (and similar) Profile
ADHD (and similar) Profile - additional tests
Adrenal Profile & Metabolites (dried urine DUTCH)
Adrenal Profile (24hr urine)
Alcohol Excess Profile
Amino Acid Profile (6 or 24hr urine)
Anorexia Nervosa Profile
Antioxidant Profile
Arthroplasty Blood Toxic Metal Profile
B vitamins (funtional bood profile)
Burning Mouth/Mouth Ulceration Profile
Burning Mouth/Mouth Ulceration Profile - additional tests
Cardiac Arrhythmias Profile
Cardiac Arrhythmias Profile - additional tests
Cardiac Failure Profile
Cardiac Failure Profile - additional tests
Fat soluble vitamin Profile
Fatty Acids - Erythrocytes
Fibromyalgia profile - additional tests
Food allergy panel (IgE)
Glucose Tolerance test (2.5 hours)
Glucose Tolerance Test (5 hours)
Gut Permeability profile
Haematology & Biochemistry
Haematology + biochemistry + lipids
Haematology Profile (includes ESR)
Hair mineral & toxic elements
Health Risk Profile
Health Risk Profile - Extended
Hormone Profile - Complete (dried urine DUTCH)
Hormone Profile - sex hormones (24hr urine
Hormones - Comprehensive PLUS (includes thyroid) (24hr urine)
Hormones - Comprehensive PLUS with HGH(24hr urine)
Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA & IgM)
Inhalant allergy panel (IgE)
Organic Acids Profile
Osteoporosis Profile
Plasma Mineral Profile
Plasma Mineral Profile with Red Cell Magnesium
Red Cell Minerals & Toxic Elements Profile
Sex Hormone & Metabolites Profile (dried urine DUTCH)
Thyroid function 1 (TSH & FT4)
Thyroid function 2 (TFT1 & thyroid antibodies)
Toxic Elements screen - whole blood
Toxic elements screen -urine
Urinalysis with Mutistix
Vitamin Profile
Zinc (Zn) challenge Test (1.5 hours)
Zinc (Zn) challenge Test (3 Hours)

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