Minerals Tests

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Antioxidant Profile
Bariatric Surgery (post) - annual screening
Calcium (Ca) - serum
Calcium (Ca) - urine
Chromium (Cr) - blood
Chromium (Cr) - plasma
Chromium (Cr) - urine
Cobalt (Co) - Blood
Cobalt (Co) - urine
Copper (Cu) - plasma
Copper (Cu) - urine
Hair mineral & toxic elements
Health Risk Profile
Health Risk Profile - Extended
Iodine (includes iodine:creatinine ratio) (urine)
Iron (Fe) & TIBC
Iron (Fe) - serum
Iron (Fe) - urine
Kryptopyrroles (pyroluria)
Magnesium (Mg) - serum
Magnesium (Mg) - urine
Magnesium (Mg) -Red cell
Manganese (Mn) - plasma
Manganese (Mn) - urine
Methylation Profile
Molybdenum (Mo) - blood
Molybdenum (Mo) - urine
Nickel (Ni) - Plasma
Phosphorus (P) - urine
Plasma Mineral Profile
Plasma Mineral Profile with Red Cell Magnesium
Potassium (K) - plasma
Red Cell Minerals & Toxic Elements Profile
Selenium (Se) - plasma
Selenium (Se) - red cells
Sodium (Na) - plasma
Sodium (Na) - urine
Superoxide dismutase (SOD)
Total Iron Binding capacity
Zinc (Zn) - plasma
Zinc (Zn) - urine
Zinc (Zn) challenge Test (1.5 hours)
Zinc (Zn) challenge Test (3 Hours)

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