Iodine - Hair


A reliable way of assessing average circulating iodine levels during the hair growth period (typically 2-3 months)

Patient Instructions:

Hair should be cut from the back of the head, or nape of the neck, as close to the scalp as possible. At least 0.5gm of hair is required, which is about one heaped tablespoon full. Only hair up to 1 (4cm) from the scalp can be used. Please allow for this when the hair is long by sending in a larger total sample, for example 2 tablespoons-full of hair.

Place the hair sample in a plain paper envelope, seal and label clearly with the patient's name, date of birth and address.


iodine.pdf (Click to Download)

Sample Requirements:

Hair sample

Postal Samples Acceptable:


For further details please contact the laboratory at: