Hair mineral & toxic elements



About 0.5g of hair cut close to the scalp from the back of the head, or nape of the neck is required (about 1 heaped tablespoon full). It is helpful if our yellow Hair Mineral Analysis request form is sent with the hair sample. The following trace and toxic metals are measured: Ca, Mg, P, K, Na, Fe, Cu, Zn, Cr, Mn, Se, Ni, Co, Pb, Hg, Cd, As & Al.

Patient Instructions:

If the hair has been bleached or permed please ensure that none of the treated hair is included in the sample for analysis. If treated recently, wait 8-12 weeks before sampling.

Appointment Notes:

Patients do not have to come to Biolab for this test only. Sample can be taken whenever a nurse is here. If there are no other tests a postal sample is normally easier for the patient.

Included in Profiles:

Biolab trace and toxic metals profile


Hair_Mineral_Analysis.pdf (Click to Download)

hair mineral analysis sample test resultsSample Report:

rep-hair-analysis.pdf (Click to Download)

Sample Requirements:

Please cut the hair from the back of the head, or nape of the neck, close to the scalp. At least 0,.5 grammes of hair is required (about one heaped tablespoon full).

Only the hair up to 1." (4cm) from the scalp should be used.

Pubic hair is also acceptable and the sample should be clearly labelled as such.

Postal Samples Acceptable:


For further details please contact the laboratory at: