Glyphosate is the world’s most widely produced herbicide. It is a broad-spectrum herbicide that is used in more than 700
different products for agriculture and forestry to home use. Glyphosate was introduced in the 1970s to kill weeds by targeting the
enzymes that produce the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine. Usage of glyphosate has since amplified, after
the introduction of genetically modified (GMO) glyphosate-resistant crops.

Recent studies have discovered glyphosate exposure to be a cause of many chronic health problems. It can enter the body by
direct absorption through the skin, by eating foods treated with glyphosate, or by drinking water contaminated with glyphosate .
The World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer published a summary in March 2015 that classified
glyphosate as a probable carcinogen in humans. Possible cancers linked to glyphosate exposure include non -Hodgkin
lymphoma, renal tubule carcinoma, pancreatic islet-cell adenoma, and skin tumors. Studies have also indicated that glyphosate
disrupts the microbiome in the intestine, causing a decrease in the ratio of beneficial to harmful bacteria. The relationship
between the microbiome of the intestine and overall human health is still unclear, but current research indicates that disruption of
the microbiome could cause diseases such as autism, metabolic disorder, diabetes, depression cardiovascular disease, and
autoimmune disease.

Glyphosphate can also be added to ra full Toxic Chemicals Exposure Profile.

Patient Instructions:

Early morning urine specimen required (preferably before eating and drinking), refrigerate if there's any delay before returning.

Appointment Notes:

Discounted price if requested with a Toxic Chemicals Screen or Organic Acids Profile

hair mineral analysis sample test resultsSample Report:

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Sample Requirements:

EMU (5ml minimum)(no more then 5 days in transit)

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