Food MAP Intolerance & Candida IgG Profile (190 foods)



Great Plains Laboratory's new food intolerance screen is a thorough upgrade from the previous test - it is more sensitive, accurate, comprehensive, eco-friendly, innovative, and cost effective since the price per analyte is lower with the new panel. See links below for sample report and test datasheet.

More comprehensive - Screen includes 190 foods + Candida and brewer's yeast. For a complete list of all 190 foods, including the innovative hemp seeds analyte, please see the sample report here.

Upgraded technology - The Great Plains Laboratory has upgraded from the ELISA single analyte detection to multiple analyte detection. Antigen-specific IgG antibodies are captured on multiplexed magnetic beads, using XMAP (Multiple Analyte Profiling) technology. The new assay detects IgG antibodies against food proteins that are covalently bound to the beads, making this assay more specific to proteins than ELISA. In addition, The XMAP technology is environmentally friendly, reducing plastic pollution, as it requires fewer plates to run the test.

August 2020

Patient Instructions:

Finger-prick blood spot sample kits are available on request for this test (5 complete blood spots required). There are no special requirements of patients before providing samples for these tests.


IgG-Food-datasheet.pdf (Click to Download)

hair mineral analysis sample test resultsSample Report:

rep-iggfood.pdf (Click to Download)

Sample Requirements:

Finger prick sample or separated serum (SST,gold top tube)

Postal Samples Acceptable:


For further details please contact the laboratory at: