Arsenic (As) - hair


Arsenic is a toxic metal with no known biological function in man. It is used in the production of semiconductor materials for the electronics industry, as a poison in weed and vermin killers and sometimes in the production of paints, wallpapers and ceramics (for yellow colouring).

It is also found in water, soil and fish (non-toxic organic arsenic). Inorganic arsenic is a neurotoxic carcinogen with adverse effects on fertility and foetal development.

Can be measured reliably in hair, blood and urine, with urine being the preferred test sample for diagnosing toxicity

Patient Instructions:

This is only available in the complete hair mineral and toxic element profile.

Included in Profiles:

Hair Mineral profile


arsenic.pdf (Click to Download)

Sample Report:

rep-hair-analysis.pdf (Click to Download)

Sample Requirements:

Use hair mineral analysis profile

Postal Samples Acceptable:


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