Immunity and Vaccinations

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Interactions between Antibodies and Receptors of Immune Responses: from Basic Science to Medicine Use. (Video 82 mins)

Robert Huber, Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University
published: June 5, 2007, recorded: November 2005.

Robert Huber is a German biochemist and Nobel laureate. He was born 20 February 1937 in Munich where his father, Sebastian, was a bank cashier. He was educated at the Humanistische Karls-Gymnasium from 1947 to 1956 and then studied chemistry at the Technische Hochschule, receiving his diploma in 1960. He stayed, and did research into using crystallography to elucidate the structure of organic compounds. In 1971 he became a director at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry where his team developed methods for the crystallography of proteins. In 1988 he received the Nobel Prize jointly with Johann Deisenhofer and Hartmut Michel. The trio were recognized for their work in first crystallizing an intramembrane protein important in photosynthesis in cyanobacteria, and subsequently applying X-ray crystallography to quantify the protein's structure. The information provided the first insight into the structural bodies that performed the integral function of photosynthesis. This insight could be translated to understand the more complex analogue of photosynthesis in plants.[1] ?He is married with four children. ?He has recently taken up a post at the Cardiff University and will spearhead the development of Structural Biology at the university on a part time basis.

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 Swine Flu Outbreak, Nature, Accident, or Intentional? (videos Parts 1-6 total 45 mins)

Join our host Sherry Beall as we talk about the recent Swine Flu outbreak from an angle rarely discussed in the main stream media. Is this outbreak a natural occurrence, or an accident made in the pharmaceutical lab like the February 2009 incident when Baxter Pharmaceuticals got caught mixing the Avian Flu with the standard flu vaccine? Or could this possibly be intentional?

We'll be joined by 2 leading world experts on vaccines: Dr. Viera Scheibner, author & world renowned researcher on vaccinations, she's a doctor of Natural Sciences and currently resides in Australia where she teaches doctors about the nature of disease. And Dr. Leonard Horowitz, bestselling author, internationally recognized expert on Emerging Diseases & Natural Healing, and graduate of Harvard in Public Health. We'll discuss safe, natural solutions, and we'll take your calls so stay tuned!

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