Anthropology and Evolution

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One of the leading authorities on race and science, Troy Duster discusses how the understanding of race is being reshaped by the genomics revolution. Sometimes unintentionally and sometimes not so innocently, genomics may be generating a new and more sophisticated racism, not so different from the eugenics-based and criminological racism that flourished in decades gone by.

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 Return to the RNAI World: Rehtinking Gene Expression and Evolution (Video 69 mins)

While investigating the genetic workings of the microscopic worm, C. elegans, Mello and colleague Andrew Fire, PhD, of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, discovered RNAi, a natural but previously unrecognized process by which a certain form of RNA can be manipulated to silenceor interfere withthe expression of a selected gene. The discovery, published in the journal Nature in 1998, has had two extraordinary impacts on biological science. One is as a research tool: RNAi is now the state-of-the-art method by which scientists can knock out the expression of specific genes in cells, to thus define the biological functions of those genes.

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 Darwin's Legacy: Lecture 1 (Video 126 mins)

September 22, 2008 introductory lecture by William Durham for the Stanford Continuing Studies course on Darwin's Legacy (DAR 200). Professor Durham provides an overview of the course; Professor Robert Siegel touches upon "Darwin's Own Evolution;" Professor Durham returns for a talk on "Darwin's Data;" and the lecture concludes with a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Lynn Rothschild.

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 Darwin's Legacy: Lecture 2 (Video 116 mins)

September 29, 2008 lecture by Eugenie Scott for the Stanford Continuing Studies course on Darwin's Legacy. Dr. Scott explores the evolution vs. creationism debate and provides an argument for evolution. The lecture is concluded with a panel discussion with Brent Sockness and Jeff Wine.

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