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Introduction This section provides video and audio links and
journal references to assist the practitioner to have a basic understanding
of the topics included, and to keep abreast of developments relevant to the
field of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Further information resources
can be accessed in the following sections.

This section is constantly under development, and new items will be added on an ongoing basis. We welcome any suggestions for inclusion which you can submit by emailing us here.

Notice to Patients: The information in this section is for educational purposes only. Viewpoints expressed in these videos, audio recordings and published papers are not necessarily those viewpoints held by Biolab Medical Unit, London. The information contained here is not a substitute for the personal attention of your own health care professional.

Media by Subject (Click on a link below):

Ageing and Anti-Ageing

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Anthropology and Evolution

Arthritis and Joints

Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHA, Behavioural, Developmental


Basic Sciences: Anatomy

Basic Sciences: Biochemistry

Basic Sciences: Chemistry

Basic Sciences: Immunology

Basic Sciences: Virology

Bone Health

Cancer, Cancer Prevention

Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

Codex Alimentarius
Codex Alimentarius is something that we should all learn about. It is a tyrannical set of limitations on �food freedom� based on big business� desire to maximise profits. It has nothing to do with public health but is more to do with serving the financial interests of the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, agribusiness and medical industries.

Coeliac (Celiac) Disease, Gluten Sensitivity

Cows Milk


Dietary Endorphins

Dietary Guidelines from various countries

Dietary Sugar

Environmental Factors
EMFs - including dangers of cell phones, WiFi, radiation, climate, etc, Chemical Pollution of the Environment and Food and Water Supply by the Agri-Chemical Industrial Complex

Essential Nutrients: Minerals, Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, Amino Acids

Evidence Based Medicine

The Water Fluoridation Debate - The formal Biolab viewpoint on fluoridation of the water supply is that:

� it has not been demonstrated to be an essential element for us
� it has been shown to be highly toxic to us
� it is being used as a drug in the water supply
� there is no adequate margin of safety to protect the brain from harm and other known health effects
� there is no meaningful evidence that water fluoridation reduces the prevalence of dental cavities
� in fluoridated areas there is a greater occurrence of dental fluorosis, bone cancer, increased risk of bone fracture, reduced IQ, and many other documented negative health effects
� fluoridation of water is actually medicating us without regard to body weight, consumption of water, medical conditions, ongoing medical monitoring as with medical drugs
� fluoride inhibits thyroid function
� various forms of arthritis can be an early manifestation of skeletal fluorosis
� the process of fluoridation of the water supply is unethical, not scientifically based and is not in the public interest

The videos in this section outline the scientific evidence supporting the premise that water fluoridation is not in the interest of our health and well being.

Food Addiction


Genetic Engineering

Genetically Modified Foods - Dangers of


Immunity and Vaccinations


Laboratory Testing

Mental Health

Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine

Neurological, Psychiatric


Pesticides and Health

Pharmeceutical, Agri-Business Industries, Big Pharma

Preconception, Pregnancy, Lactation

Stem Cell Research

Systems Biology

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin, Thiamine)

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Vitamin D