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The journals here provide online listings, and are a very useful way to keep up to date with the published literature; these include both general journals and nutrition specialist journals.

These web sites are rated according to relevance to the clinical application of the type of information contained in these journals.

* * * * Excellent
* * * Worth checking in on regularly
* * Sometimes contains highly relevant material
* Seldom, but occasionally contains highly relevant material

Use to search the National Library of Medicine (MEDLINE) database of medical publications (includes links to many journals).

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Journals

Other Medical Journals

Science Journals

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Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Journals:

International Clinical Nutrition Review * * * *

A quarterly journal with abstracts of the latest research of relevance to the clinical application of nutritional medical principles, culled from over 300 journals. Excellent for the busy practitioner.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition * * * *

This monthly journal is an excellent monthly journal of The American Society for Clinical Nutrition ad is well worth checking out on a monthly basis for the latest published research.

British Journal of Nutrition * * *

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition * * *


Other Medical Journals:

The Lancet * * *

British Medical Journal * *

New England Journal of Medicine *

This site has the useful facility of automatically e-mailing you the contents list weekly, though there is only seldom anything of relevance to the clinical application of nutritional and environmental principles.

Annals of Internal Medicine *

Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences *

Journal of Clinical Investigation *

JAMA (Journal of The American Medical Association) *


Science Journals:

New Scientist * *

Scientific American * *

Science * *

This is a general weekly scientific journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. It does contain some papers relevant to the subject of nutritional and environmental medicine.

Clinical Chemistry * *

Electronic Periodicals: Directory of open access journals ****


One year correspondence course in Nutritional Medicine for busy physicians. This is an excellent one year course which provides a very strong clinical grounding from which to apply nutritional medical principles in clinical practice; it also includes a year's subscription to International Clinical Nutrition Review, one of the best journals for the busy physician to keep up with the latest research of relevance to nutritional medicine.


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