Introductory Reading List

Following is a resource guide for those wishing to know more about Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Basic Concepts

  1. Davies S. Nutritional Flat Earthers . (Editorial) J. Nutr. Med. 1990;1:167-170

  2. Davies S. Scientific and Ethical Foundations of Nutritional Medicine. Part I - Evolution, Adaptation and Health. (Editorial) J. Nutr. Med. 1992;2:227-247.

  3. Davies S. Scientific and Ethical Foundations of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Part II: Further Glimpses of "the Higher Medicine". (Editorial) J.Nutr. & Env. Med. 1995;5:5-11.

Copies of these articles are available upon request, please email us here for your copy.

Nutritional Assessment and Safety of Nutritional Supplements

The following web site, hosted by Dr Alan Stewart, provides comprehensive details regarding nutritional assessment in the United Kingdom and also safety issues relating to nutritional supplementation.

Introductory Books Related to Clinical Practice

  1. Nutritional Medicine - The Drug Free Guide to Better Family Health, Dr Stephen Davies and Dr Alan Stewart. Pan Books, London, UK. ISBN 0-330-28833-4. This book is written for both the lay person and the health care practitioner. It covers a lot of the basic concepts, and also provides individual chapters about vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids, allergy, food intolerance and a range of specific medical conditions.

  2. The Nutritional Effects on Illness - A Clinical Resource. Melvyn Werbach. Third Line Press, Tarzana Ca, USA. This is a truly helpful book for the practising doctor. It lists specific clinical conditions and highlights the most important published papers demonstrating the influence of nutritional factors of that condition. It provides abstracts of the papers with commentary on their clinical relevance and importance.

  3. The Nutritional Influences on Mental Illness. Melvyn Werbach, Third Line Press, Tarzana, Ca. Similar in format to The Nutritional Influences on Illness (#3 above), but focusing on mental illness.

  4. Effective Allergy Practice: A document on Standards of Care and Management of The Allergy Patient, British Society for Allergy and Environmental medicine with The British Society for Nutritional Medicine Subcommittee on Allergy Practice. BSAENM Publications, Southampton, UK (Tel: 01703-812124). (J. Nutr. Env Med. 1995;5:79-104)

  5. Effective Nutritional Medicine - The Application of Nutrition to Major Health Problems. The British Society for Allergy and Environmental Medicine with The British Society for Nutritional Medicine, BSAENM Publications, Southampton, UK (Tel: 01703-812124). (J. Nutr. Env. Med. 1996;6:191-232)

Text Books

  1. Environmental Medicine in Clinical Practice, H Anthony, S Birtwistle, K Eaton & J Maberly. BSAENM Publications, Southampton, UK (Tel: 01703-812124). A long-needed text for doctors and other health professionals on the methods of preventing ill health by detecting environmental causes - allergic, nutritional etc. 483 pages, 242 figures and tables, 1,500 literature citations. Appendix includes addresses and instruction sheets for patients.

Reference Books

  1. Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, M Shils, J Olison, & M Shike. Lea and Febiger, London, UK.

  2. Food Allergy, J Brostoff and S Challacombe. Bailliere Tindall, London, UK. ISBN 0-7020-1156-8. This is a very useful multi-authored textbook, covering a wide range of topics relating to allergy, food intolerance and environmental medicine.

The above books are all available from The Nutri Centre, 7 Park Crescent, London W1N 3HE, telephone: (+44) 0171-323-2382, or fax: (+44) 0171-436-5171.

Books for the interested patient:

The British Medical Association's Family Doctor Books produce a series of affordable and up to date health information books, written by doctors especially for patients.' 

Taped Study Resources

  1. Functional Medicine Update, Dr Jeffrey Bland, HealthComm Inc., P.O. Box 1729, Gig Harbor, Wa., USA. Tel: 001-206-851-3943 / Fax: 001-206-851-9749, This is an excellent series of tapes which come out once a month, and which contain a pot pourri of the latest research relevant to the clinical application of nutritional medicine. An easy way of keeping up to date.

  2. Biolab Workshop, Spring 1997 - "The Effective Use of Biolab Investigations in Diagnosis and Treatment". These audio CDs consist of an introductory presentation from Dr Stephen Davies, The Medical Director of Biolab, followed by a presentation by Dr John McLaren-Howard, Laboratory Director, covering assessment of trace element status of patients, and a talk on pesticide toxicity and its effects on patients. The final two sessions, presented by Dr Stephen Davies, are an introduction to the assessment of vitamin and essential fatty acid status. Tapes available from Biolab for 10 per set (inclusive of postage and packing).

  3. Biolab workshops for doctors - Audio CDs - We now have a wide range of audio recordings of Biolab workshop presentations since 1997 covering many aspects of our work.  Many of these are available with hardcopies copies of the original overheads / presentation notes.  Click here for a full list (Biolab workshop recordings), and contact us at to place an order.  A small charge is made to cover our costs in providing this service.

Recommended reading in basic biochemistry for doctors:

Some of the books listed below can be accessed using the "Search Inside the Book" facility offered by Amazon (for further details see

  • Biochemistry: molecules, cells and the body. Dow J, Lindsay G, Morrison J.  Addison-Wesley, 1996.

  • Medical Cell Biology. Goodman SR (editor), Lippincott Co., 1994.

  • Mosby's Crash Course - Cell Biology and Genetics. Jones ECA and Morris A. Mosby, 1998.

  • Mosby's Crash Course - Metabolism and Nutrition. Benyon S. Mosby, 1998.

  • Harper's Biochemistry. Murray RK, Graner DK, Mayes PA, Rodwell VW. Prentice Hall, 2002.

  • Review of Physiological Chemistry. Harper HA, Rodwell VW, Mayes PA. Prentice Hall, 2002.

  • Biochemistry. Voet D and Voet JG. John Wiley and Sons, Second edition 1995.

  • Halliwell B, Gutteridge JMC (1998). Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine; pub Oxford Science Publications, 3rd Edition.
  • Antioxidant Status, Diet, Nutrition, and Health. Papas AM (1998),  CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

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