Biolab is a medical laboratory specialising in nutritional and environmental Medicine. We measure mineral and vitamin levels, toxic metals, other biochemical levels that are related to the availability of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and we also have an extensive range of profiles for assessing the effects of Twenty-First century lifestyles on our bodies, see

List of Tests

The laboratory is staffed by a highly qualified team and participates in a number of quality control schemes. Many of our tests require expensive high-tech instrumentation and are not normally available at other pathology laboratories. Routine pathology investigations and allergy tests are referred to other laboratories.

Biolab is actively involved in researching the effects of nutrition and the environment on health and disease. We have our own library of research material and have published many papers in medical and scientific journals, see:

Publication list

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

For an introduction to nutritional and environmental medicine written by Dr. Stephen Davies, Biolab's Medical Director, see:

What is Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

CD-ROM is Available

A CD-ROM containing our laboratory guide, request forms, test data sheets and more detailed information sheets about Biolab tests is available for doctors on request. The CD also contains copies of our publications and copies of handouts from recent Biolab workshops for doctors (all workshops since 2000). Please email us at here if you would like us to post one to you.

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Further Information

For sources of further information please see:

Laboratory Guide (PDF format, 38 pages, 1 MB)
Test Request Forms
Test Kit Request Form
Quality Assurance
Referring Patients to Biolab
Patient Instructions before Biolab Tests
Frequently Asked Questions
Photographs of our Laboratories and patient facilities
Introductory reading list for doctors & practitioners
Biolab Workshop Recordings (Audio lectures from Biolab workshops for the period 1997 - 2010, available at cost price to doctors and other healthcare practitioners)
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