We welcome patients attending Biolab for phlebotomy appointments and we will always provide a safe, efficient and friendly service. There remains a general risk of COVID-19 infections and for the safety of all there are additional precautions we are now required to take.

There is limited space within Biolab, so we have to restrict the number of patients in attendance at any one time (in addition to staff, we also have patients attending for clinic appointments and sometimes other visitors also). We are discouraging the use of our waiting room to further minimise the risk of infection. Rooms and facilities are being disinfected immediately after each patient is seen.

Guidance for your appointment:

  • Only patients with pre-booked appointments for blood tests can be seen.
  • Please conduct a lateral flow test for COVID-19 before attending for your appointment.
  • Do not attend if anyone in your household has tested positive for coronavirus in the last 14 days, or if anyone has associated symptoms. We ask you not to attend if you have any symptoms of cough, sore throat, temperature or recent changes in your sense of taste or smell (even if you don't think you have coronavirus or have had it already).
  • Please arrive at Biolab as close to your appointment time as possible - if you are more than a few minutes early you may be asked to wait outside.
  • Please attend Biolab alone, or if necessary with a single carer (children should be accompanied by one parent or guardian only).
  • We kindly ask that you wear a face covering and if you don't have one we'll provide a face mask.
  • Please wash or sanitise your hands on arrival - hand sanitisers are located by the front door and at Biolab reception.
  • Our staff will be using personal protective equipment for mutual protection.
  • We will ask to take your body temperature before your blood draw and we will have to decline your appointment if we have any reason to believe you may be an infection risk.
  • We are here for our patients, but currently we kindly ask that you leave promptly after your appointment so that we can prepare for the next patient. We also request that you minimise conversations with other patients and maintain as much social distance as possible from others throughout your visit.
  • We recommend that you wash/sanitise your hands again before leaving Biolab.

If you are confirmed as being COVID-19 positive within 10 days of attending Biolab please inform us, and we will also let you know if any cases are subsequently confirmed at Biolab.

We hope this assures you that we are taking all possible steps to protect and keep safe all of our patients and staff.

Test Kits can be requested here: Test Kits Order Form