Clinician’s Overview

Biolab is a medical laboratory specialising in nutritional and environmental Medicine, measuring micronutrient levels and other biochemical parameters related to the availability of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. We also have an extensive range of tests and profiles for assessing the effects of Twenty-First century lifestyles on our health and wellbeing.

The laboratory is staffed by a highly qualified team and participates in a number of external quality control schemes. Many of our tests require expensive instrumentation with a high level of expertise which are not routinely available at conventional hospital laboratories. We also offer routine pathology investigations and allergy tests via a carefully selected panel of specialist referral laboratories.

We do all we can to apply modern scientific laboratory analytical methods to establish what imbalances there are in the bodies of those who are suffering ill-health or non-optimum health, so that these imbalances may be addressed via nutritional and non-drug means, with the aim of achieving good health or, at least, improving the quality of life and minimising suffering.

We have a dedication to analytical excellence combined with an intrinsic awareness of the importance of holding the best interest of the patients’ well-being as the most important consideration at all times. For an introduction to Nutritional and Environmental medicine written by our Medical Director, Dr. Stephen Davies, please see: What is Nutritional and Environmental Medicine?

Copies of our literature, including our Laboratory Guide, request forms, test data sheets and sample reports are available via this web site, and on registration with Biolab we will provide access to past workshop lectures (dating back to 2000), Biolab publications and other documents of interest.

Referring Patients

We are a doctor/practitioner referral unit and can only perform tests requested by doctors, dentists, osteopaths, chiropractors, nutritionists and some other registered practitioners (please contact us for further details at

Please register as a referring clinician, using the link on the left of this page, before referring any patients for tests so that we can ensure your details are available on our system.

We require you to complete a Biolab pathology request form or write a referral letter stipulating the test(s) you require for your patient, and you can also request test kits for your patients via this web site.

Our senior laboratory staff comment on all reports with abnormal or unusual test results and you are welcome to contact us to discuss either appropriate tests for your patients or the interpretation of results. Our disease related recommended profiles (profiles) may be of assistance in selecting Biolab tests.

Blood tubes, test kits and bulk orders are available on request: Test kits can be also requested online – Request a Postal Test Kit. If you would like to refer a patient to a doctor who is familiar with our work, please see our Medical Referral List, or contact us directly to discuss the case.

Test Request Forms

Please click on the links below to download PDF versions of the appropriate request forms. If you would like to request test kits online, please fill in the form Request Postal Test Kits.

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Test Request form

Click here to download a digital Biolab pathology request form which you can complete, save and then forward to your patient(s).

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Hair Trace & Toxic Elements Request form

This request form can be downloaded and forwarded to your patients for them to complete and submit with a specimen of hair for analysis. The form includes sample collection instructions.