Biolab Medical Unit, a medical referral laboratory specialising in nutritional and environmental medicine, is located in the heart of the West End of London.

We are a nutritional biochemistry laboratory measuring vitamin and mineral levels, toxic metals, other biochemical levels that are related to the availability of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, and we also have an extensive range of profiles for assessing the effects of twenty-first century lifestyles on our bodies.

We are dedicated to assisting doctors sort out their patients' problems in a way that does not rely on drugs as a first line of treatment. We have an intrinsic respect for the Wisdom of Nature and of each human being who, by virtue of their circumstances, has become a patient - one who suffers.

We do all we can to apply modern scientific laboratory analytical methods to establish what imbalances there are in the bodies of those who are suffering ill-health or non-optimum health, so that these imbalances may be addressed via nutritional and non-drug means, with the aim of achieving good health or, at least, improving the quality of life and minimising suffering.

We have a dedication to analytical excellence combined with an intrinsic awareness of the importance of holding the best interest of the patients' well-being as the most important consideration at all times.

The laboratory is staffed by a highly experienced and qualified team who have undertaken extensive research into this field of medicine (see Publication List)

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Biolab continues to offer a full laboratory and phlebotomy service, but following current government advice to minimise travel we ask patients to confirm with their referring practitioner if they should still attend Biolab in person.

Patients attending for blood tests must make an appointment in advance and should follow important instructions regarding appointments here: Phlebotomy Appointments at Biolab : COVID-19 Precautions

Many of our tests can be provided using home-sampling test kits which can be ordered here: Test Kits Order Form. Samples can then be submitted by post.

Due to a reduced reception staff presence we are not always able to answer all incoming calls at busy times, but if you email us at we will respond as quickly as possible. For invoicing and account queries ONLY please email or call: 07725 941164 (9am to 5:30pm, weekdays only).

.................Coronavirus update 23/2/2021........Biolab remains fully open but patients should only attend for blood test appointments if they are deemed "essential" by their clinician..................European Mycotoxins Summit, 23rd April 2021 - click here: here for details .............NEW Essential Fatty Acids profile launched click here for further details.....We are pleased to announce our new "Media & Education" section - click here.....DMSA Provocation Test for Toxic here......Check back here frequently for recent news updates.....We welcome your feedback.....
Order test kits here  

Clinicians can register here to refer patients for tests  

Join our Mailing List We encourage you to register on our mailing list in order to receive copies of Biolab newsletters and CPD approved workshop announcements.  

New Media and Education Section We are especially excited about our new "Media & Education" section, which contains links to many video presentations by leading...[more

BIOLAB Events 2019  

Christmas 2021 Biolab will close early on Christmas Eve (around lunchtime) and will reopen on Tuesday 4th January 2022 at 9am. Appointments for blood...[more

Mitochondria Day Videos of our recent Mitochondria Day event are now available for sale. Please contact for details. 

Coronavirus update 04/08/2021 Coronavirus UPDATE (August 2021) - Biolab remains fully open but phlebotomy appointments are currently only available for essential tests...[more

Mobile phlebotomy service [PDF] A list of phlebotomists around the UK (and in Ireland) who can collect blood samples for Biolab tests can be found here. 

Hepatic Detoxification For assessing phase I and phase II liver detoxification consider the Hepatic Detox Profile now available at Biolab. 

Clinician registration form Click here to register as a referring practitioner. 

Gut Permeability Profile If you're looking for a reliable investigation of Intestinal Permeability follow this link. 

Vitamin D (Nov 2013) We now offer vitamin D tests using finger-prick blood spot samples. 

Feb 2013 - Nickel Test Datasheet [PDF] Download our new nickel test datasheet here: Nickel Datasheet

April 2012 - Urinary Organic Acids Urine Organic Acid and Microbial Organic Acid profiles now available in conjunction with Great Plains Laboratory 

April 2012 - Comprehensive Stool Tests Doctor's Data stool tests now available through Biolab 

Jan 2012 - NEW Essential fatty acids profile launched  

New Allergy Screen datasheet [PDF] Check out our new IgE allergy screen datasheet 

Osteoporosis Profile Update (July 2011) We have added additional tests to our osteoporosis profile expanding the range of nutrients included. See also our urine osteoporosis...[more

Extended Health Risk Profile test list (July 2011) [PDF] Here's a list of all tests included in our Health Risk Profiles 

Post Arthroplasty Blood Toxic Metals A new Biolab screen for monitoring toxic metal levels after joint replacements.  

DMSA Mercury Provocation Test [PDF] Click here for details of our new DMSA Provocation test for mercury and other toxic metals. 

Summer 2010 Newsletter [PDF] Download our Summer 2010 newsletter. 

July 2009 - Gut Permeability Profile [PDF] We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved gut permeability profile A copy of the test datasheet and a sample...[more


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