Test Samples that can be Posted to Biolab

If you have access to a centrifuge, serum samples should be separated before posting. Every attempt should be made to ensure that all un-separated blood samples reach the laboratory within 24 hours. Because the laboratory is closed at the weekends blood samples should not be posted on a Friday.

Please be sure to use trace element free tubes for samples for trace element analysis.

Please note: In our experience, whole blood samples that are transported in the cargo-hold of aircraft often arrive haemolysed because they are chilled and sometimes frozen during the flight.

Following is a list of test samples that can be posted to Biolab, with any comments:

Acid phosphatase - prostatic Gold (SST)
ADHD (and similar) Profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), 2 x Lavender (EDTA), Gold (SST), Navy Blue (EDTA), urine (MSU)
Adrenal Stress Profile (Saliva) 4 x saliva samples
Albumin Gold (SST)
Alcohol Excess Profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), Gold (SST),Navy Blue (EDTA), 2 x Lavender (EDTA), MSU
Alkaline phosphatase - bone Gold (SST)
Aluminium (Al) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Aluminium (Al) - plasma Navy Blue (EDTA) - IMPORTANT NOTE one tube dedicated to this test which must not be opened before being sent to the Light Box
Aluminium (Al) - urine Early morning urine/ 24 hour urine sampl,e
Amino Acid Profile (6 or 24hr urine) Aliquot of 6 or 24 hour urine collection clearly labelled with volume.
Anorexia Nervosa Profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), Gold (SST), blue (trace element free), 2 x Lavender (EDTA), urine (MSU)
Antimony (Sb) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Antimony (Sb) - urine Mid-stream/6hr urine sample
Antioxidant activity (total & nutritional) Gold (SST).
Antioxidant Profile 2 x Yellow (Gold); 1 x Green (lithium heparin)
Arsenic (As) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Arsenic (As) - urine Early morning urine (or 24hr urine aliquot)
Arthroplasty Blood Toxic Metal Profile Navy Blue (EDTA)
B vitamins (funtional bood profile) Green (lithium heparin); sample must reach the Laboratory within 24 hrs
Barium (Ba) - urine mid-stream / 24hr urine sample
Beryllium (Be) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Beryllium (Be) - urine Mid-stream /6 hour urine
Beta-cryptoxanthin Gold (SST) tube to reach laboratory within 24 hours of collection
Bile Acids Total Gold (SST) (heparin plasma also acceptable)
Biotin Green (lithium heparin)
Burning Mouth/Mouth Ulceration Profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), Lavender (EDTA), Gold (SST)
Burning Mouth/Mouth Ulceration Profile - additional tests Gold (SST)
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Gold (SST). Must reach Biolab within 24 hours of collection
Cadmium (Cd) - urine Early Morning mid-stream urine (or aliquot of 24hr sample)
Cadmium(Cd) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Caeruloplasmin Gold (SST)
Calcium (Ca) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Calcium (Ca) - serum Gold (SST)
Calcium (Ca) - urine Mid Stream Urine/24 hour collection
Candida Antibodies SST (gold top)
Cardiac Arrhythmias Profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), Navy Blue (EDTA), Lavender (EDTA), Yellow (SST)
Cardiac Arrhythmias Profile - additional tests Navy (EDTA)
Cardiac Failure Profile 2xGold (SST); Green (lithium heparin), Navy Blue (EDTA), MSU (urine)
Cardiac Failure Profile - additional tests Green (lithium heparin), 1 x Yellow (SST)
Carotenes (alpha and beta) Gold (SST) - protect from light
CFS/ME profile Navy Blue (EDTA), Gold (SST), 2 xLavender (EDTA), 2 x Green (lithium heparin)
Chromium (Cr) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Chromium (Cr) - plasma Navy Blue (EDTA)
Chromium (Cr) - urine Mid stream urine/24 hr urine
Cobalt (Co) - Blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Cobalt (Co) - urine Mid-stream/24 hour urine sample
Cobalt(Co) - Hair As for hair element analysis
Coeliac-Gluten Sensitivity Screen(GSA) Gold (SST)
Coenzyme Q10 Gold (SST)
Comprehensive Parasitology (2 stool specimens) 
Comprehensive Stool Analysis with Parasitology (2 samples) Stool samples on two consecutive days (see Biolab instruction sheet)
Copper (Cu) - plasma Navy Blue (EDTA)
Copper (Cu) - urine Mid stream urine / 6 hour urine
Coronary Heart Disease Profile 2x xGreen (lithium heparin), 2 x Yellow (GOLD) SST, 2 x Lavender (EDTA), MSU (urine)
Creatinine - urine 24 hr urine / Mid- stream urine
D-Xylose Absorption Kit required; 5 hr urine collection
Dementia profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), 2 x Lavender (EDTA), Navy Blue (EDTA), 1 x Gold (SST)
Dementia Profile - additional tests Navy blue (EDTA)
DHEA-Sulphate Gold (SST) tube
Diabetes profile Gren (heparin), Navy Blue (EDTA), Gold (SST) & Lavender (EDTA)
Diabetes profile - additional tests Green (lithium heparin) and Gold (SST) - 14 hour fast.
Diamine Oxidase Activity (histamine intolerance) Gold top (SST) - freeze serum (sample less than 24hrs old is acceptable even if not separated, confimed by TDL Nov 2016)
DMSA Provocation Test 2 x urine samples
DNA Methylation Panel 1 x EDTA (lavender top) tube (or finger-prick blood spot sample)
DNA Oxidative Damage (8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine) Frozen urine specimen (no additive, Universal container adequate)
Drug/nutrient interactions (severe) profile - additional tests Green (lithium heparin)
Drug/nutrient interactions profile (severe) 1 x Green (lithium heparin), 1 x lavender (EDTA), 1 x Gold (SST), 1 x Navy (trace lement free)
Eye conditions (degenerative) profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), Lavender (EDTA), Gold (SST) - protect SST from light and deliver within 24 hours, Navy top (EDTA trace element free tube)
Eye conditions (degenerative) profile - additional tests Green (lithium heparin)
Fat soluble vitamin Profile Gold (SST); blood sample must be stored in the dark
Fatty Acids - Erythrocytes Lavender top blood collection tube (EDTA)
Ferritin Gold (SST)
Fibromyalgia profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin)
Fluoride - Tap water A representative (500 mL) water sample should be collected. Collect the specimen in a plastic container; do not use a glass vessel.
Fluoride - urine 24hr urine or 2nd void mid-stream urine
Folate (red cell) EDTA (lavender top) tube
Food allergy panel (IgE) Gold (SST)
Food Sensitivity & Candida IgG Profile (95 foods) Finger prick sample or separated serum (SST,gold top tube)
Free T3 Gold (SST)
Free T4 Gold (SST)
Gamma Glutamyl Transferase Yellow (Gold) (SST)
Glucose - Plasma Grey (fluoride oxalate)
Glucose Tolerance test (2.5 hours) A special appointment at Biolab is required; patient must attend Biolab for this test; Grey (fluoride oxalate) - 1 sample per time interval
Glucose Tolerance Test (5 hours) A special appointment at Biolab is required; patient must attend Biolab for this test; ; Grey (fluoride oxalate) - 1 sample per time interval
Glutathione - red cells Green (lithium heparin)
Glutathione -S- transferase -serum Gold (SST)
Glutathione Peroxidase Red cells and plasma from heparin blood samples are the sample of choice for GSHPx measurement (tubes available from Biolab on request). If posted, samples must reach us within 24 hours. [Green top, heparin, blood collection tube]
Glutathione reductase (RBC) 1 x Green (lithium heparin)
Glyphosate EMU (5ml minimum)
Growth and Poor Appetite Profile - additional tests Gold (SST) & 6 hr urine
Gut Permeability profile Aliquot of 6hr urine collection, labelled clearly with collection volume
Haematology & Biochemistry Gold (SST) , Lavender (EDTA)
Haemogoblin Lavender (EDTA)
Hair mineral & toxic elements Please cut the hair from the back of the head, or nape of the neck, close to the scalp. At least 0,.5 grammes of hair is required (about one heaped tablespoon full). Only the hair up to 1.5" (4cm) from the scalp can be used.
HbA1c- Glycosylated Haemoglobin Lavender (EDTA)
Health Risk Profile 1 x Navy Blue (EDTA), 1 x green (heparin),1 x yellow (SST), 2 x lavender (EDTA).
Health Risk Profile - Extended  2 Lavender (EDTA) - inc homocysteine tube for postal samples, 2 x Green (lithium heparin), 1 Navy blue (EDTA) 2 Gold (SST)
Helicobacter Pylori Breath Test 2 x breath samples (before and 10 minutes after ingestion of a 13-carbon-urea tablet)
Hepatic Detox Profile Early morning mid-stream urine specimen (refrigerate if there's any delay before sending, do not freeze)
Histamine (plasma) EDTA (lavender top)
Histamine (urine) Mid-stream, random urine sample
Homocysteine - plasma Lavender (EDTA) tubes containing a special inhibitor (available from Biolab on request).
Hormone Profile - Comprehensive (dried urine DUTCH) Urine specimen collected on to a series of absorbant patches throughout a 24 hour period.
Hormone Profile - sex hormones (24hr urine 
Hormones - Comprehensive (includes sex & adrenal) (24hr urine) 
Hormones - Comprehensive PLUS (includes thyroid) (24hr urine) 
Hormones - Comprehensive PLUS with HGH(24hr urine) 
Hormones and Thyroid Profile(serum) 2 x Gold (SST).
IgE (total) SST (gold top)
Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA & IgM) Gold (SST)
Indicans Early Morning Urine
Infections (recurrent or severe) Profile 1x Green (lithium heparin), 2 x Gold (SST), 1 x Lavender (EDTA), 1 x Navy Blue (EDTA)
Infections (recurrent or severe) Profile - additional tests 1 x Green (lithium heparin)
Infertility profile Navy Blue (EDTA), 2 x Green (lithium heparin), 1 x Lavender (EDTA) & 1 x gold (SST)
Infertility profile - additional tests Green (lithium heparin) - must be received within 24 hours of collection
Inflammatory Arthritis Profile Lavender (EDTA), Navy Blue (EDTA), Green (lithium heparin), 2 x Gold (SST)
Inhalant allergy panel (IgE) Gold (SST)
Iodine - urine A 24 hour urine collection with an accurate total volume is the preferred sample; alternatively, a 6 hour collection, an early morning urine or a random urine sample can be supplied.
Iodine:creatinine ratio (urine) MSU
Iron (Fe) & TIBC Gold (SST)
Iron (Fe) - hair As for hair analysis
Iron (Fe) - serum Gold (SST).
Iron (Fe) - urine Mid-stream urine, or 24 urine collection.
Kryptopyrroles (pyroluria) Mid-strea, random urine sample (test kit available from Biolab with ascorbic acid preservative). Protect sample from light.
Lactose intolerance test Collect a fasting blood sample into a fluoride oxalate blood tube. Give the patient 50 grams of lactose dissolved in water and collect further fluoride oxalate samples at 30 mins, 1hr, 1.5hrs, 2hrs & 2.5 hrs. Label each sample with the time it was taken & patient name.
LDH - lactate dehydrogenase Gold (SST)
Lead (Pb) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Lead (Pb) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Lead (Pb) - urine Early morning urine / 6 hr urine sample
Lutein Gold (SST) - protect from light.
Lycopene - serum Gold (SST)
Magnesium (Mg) - Hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Magnesium (Mg) - plasma Navy Blue (EDTA)
Magnesium (Mg) - urine Mid-stream / 24 hour urine sample
Magnesium (Mg) -Red cell Gold top (SST) & Green (lithium heparin)
Manganese (Mn) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Manganese (Mn) - plasma Navy Blue (EDTA)
Manganese (Mn) - urine Mid-stream / 6 hour urine sample
Menopause (early) profile - additional tests Green (lithium heparin)
Mercury (Hg) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Mercury (Hg) - hair Use hair analysis profile
Mercury (Hg) - Urine Early morning mid-stream / 6 hour urine sample
Methylmalonic acid (24hr urine) 24 hour urine sample
Methylmalonic acid (serum) Yellow (gold top) tube
Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT) 10 mL of first morning urine before food or drink is preferred. Patient must avoid apples, grapes (including raisins), pears, cranberries and their juices 24 hours prior to specimen collection. Sample should be frozen if there is a delay before submitting to Biolab.
Molybdenum (Mo) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Molybdenum (Mo) - urine Mid-stream urine/6 hour urine sample
MTHFR (homocysteinaemia) - saliva genetic screen Saliva sample with preservative (as provided by referral laboratory) (EDTA whole blood also acceptable)
Multiple Sclerosis Profile 1 x Green (lithium heparin), 1 x Navy Blue (EDTA), 1 x Lavender (EDTA), 1 x Gold (SST)
Neuropathy profile - additional tests Navy Blue (EDTA)
Neurotransmitter Profile (Basic - urine) EMU or aliquot of 24 hour urine collection
Neurotransmitter Profile (Comprehensive - urine) EMU or aliquot fo 24 hr urine specimen
Niacin - RBC NAD Activation Green top (Heparin ); Sample must reach the Laboratory within 24hrs (no later than 1pm Fridays).
Nickel (Ni) - Blood Navy blue (EDTA)
Nickel (Ni) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Nickel (Ni) - red cell Green top tube (heparin blood)
Nickel (Ni) - serum Yellow (Gold) (SST)
Nickel (Ni) - Urine Mid-stream / 6 hour urine
NTX - Collagen Type 1c Telopeptides 10ml from second morning urine sample
Obesity profile Navy Blue (EDTA), Green (lithium heparin), lavender (EDTA), Gold (SST)
Obesity profile - additional tests Green (lithium heparin)
Organic Acids Profile Mid-stream early morning urine.
Osmolality - urine Random urine sample
Osteoporosis Profile 1 x Gold (SST); 1 x navy blue (EDTA), 1 x green (heparin), 15ml of a second void early morning urine.
Osteoporosis Urine Mineral Screen Urine sample (second void EMU)
Paraoxonase Green (lithium heparin)/Gold (SST) - Serum or plasma is suitable for paraoxonase measurement. The specimen of choice is whole blood, collected with heparin as an anticoagulant. However, the enzyme is calcium-dependent, so blood collected into other anti-coagulants such as EDTA is unsuitable for assay.
Peptides Gluten & Casein (urine) EMU (10ml required)
Phospholipase A2 Activity (PLA2) - urine Early morning urine (10ml) - can also be measured in an OATs or MOATs sample.
Phosphorus (P) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Phosphorus (P) - serum Gold (SST)
Phosphorus (P) - urine Mid-stream/24 hour urine sample
Plasma Mineral Profile Navy Blue (EDTA), SST (Gold)
Plasma Mineral Profile with Red Cell Magnesium Navy Blue (EDTA), Gold (SST); Green (lithium heparin);
Porphyrins (Doctor's Data) Mid-stream, early morning, urine sample (24hr urine sample also acceptable)
Porphyrins - urine screen Patient has to transfer 2ml of urine to Vacuette tube (yellow top) and return to us in light proof bag (supplied).
Potassium (K)- urine Mid-stream / 24 hour urine sample
Psychosis Profile 2 x Green (lithium heparin), 2 x Gold (SST), 2 x lavender (EDTA), Navy Blue (EDTA)
Psychosis Profile - additional tests Urine (MSU - acidified)
Selenium (Se) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Selenium (Se) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Selenium (Se) - plasma Navy Blue (EDTA)
Selenium (Se) - red cells 2 x navy blue top (EDTA) tubes
Selenium (Se) - urine Mid-stream / 6hr urine sample
Sex Hormone & Metabolites Profile (dried urine DUTCH) Urine collected on to absorbent patches which are left to dry before submitting for analysis
Sodium (Na) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Sodium (Na) - plasma Gold (SST)or Navy Blue (EDTA)
Sodium (Na) - urine Mid-stream / 24hr urine sample
Steatorrhoea and Malabsorption Profile 1 xGold (SST),1 x lavender (EDTA), Navy Blue (EDTA), 1 x Green (lithium heparin)
Steatorrhoea and Malabsorption Profile - Additional tests 6 hour urine collection(post PEG)
Streptococcus Antibodies Profile(PANDAS) 1 x gold top (SST)
Sulphates - serum (total & free) Gold (SST)
Sulphites Early Morning Urine sample
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) Green (lithium heparin).
Tartrate-Resistant Acid Phosphatase(TRAP) Gold top tube (SST)
Testosterone (serum) Gold (SST)
Thallium (Tl) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Thallium(Tl) -Urine Mid-stream / 6 hour urine sample
Thyroid function 1 (TSH & FT4) Gold (SST)
Thyroid function 2 (TFT1 & thyroid antibodies) Gold (SST)
Thyroid Profile (LC7E) FT4, TSH & FT3 1 x SST (gold top tube)
Tin (Sn) - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Tin (Sn) - urine Mid-stream/6 hour urine sample
Total Iron Binding capacity Gold (SST)
Toxic Elements screen - blood Navy Blue (EDTA)
Toxic elements screen -urine Any urine sample, but ideally a 6 hour collection with total volume.
Toxic Organic Chemical Exposure Profile EMU (5ml minimum)
Urinalysis with Mutistix Mid-stream urine
Viral Antibody Screen 2 x Gold top (SST) tubes
Viral Disease Profile 2 x Gold top (SST) tubes
Vitamin A (retinol) Gold (SST) - protect from light.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - transketolase activity Green (lithium heparin)- must reach the lab within 24 hours of collection.
Vitamin B12 ("Active") - Serum Gold (SST)
Vitamin B12 and methylmalonic acid profile SST (Gold top tube)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - glutathione reductase activity Green (lithium heparin)- must reach the lab within 24 hours of collection.
Vitamin B3-RBC NAD activation (Niacin) 
Vitamin B5 - Pantothenic acid Lavender (EDTA)
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase activity Green (lithium heparin)- must reach the lab within 24 hours of collection.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Gold (SST)
Vitamin D (25-hydroxy) profile Finger-prick blood-spot or Gold top (SST) blood collection tube.
Vitamin E (alpha & gamma tocopherol) Gold (SST)
Vitamin E - erythrocytes Green (lithium heparin) and gold (clotted blood sample) capped blood cllection tubes - must reach Biolab within 24 hours of collection
Vitamin E profile Gold (SST)
Vitamin K and PIVKAII profile SST (gold top)
Vitamin Profile Blood sample must be stored in the dark; Gold (SST); Green (lithium heparin);Sample must reach the Laboratory within 24hrs
Vitamin Profile - Comprehensive Blood sample must be stored in the dark; Gold (SST); Green (lithium heparin), Lavender (EDTA) ;Sample must reach the Laboratory within 24hrs
Zinc (Zn) - hair Use hair mineral analysis profile
Zinc (Zn) - plasma Navy Blue (EDTA)
Zinc (Zn) - urine Mid-stream / 6hr urine
Zinc (Zn) challenge Test (3 Hours) Navy Blue (EDTA) x 4 (Fasting, 1, 2 & 3hr)

For further details please contact the laboratory at: lab@xxxxbiolab.co.uk